I Watched Love On Iceland

Hallmark movies aren’t my thing, but curiosity got the best of me, and I’m happy it did. Come read my review! Was it cheesy or good, or did it have me sigh?

An Introduction On Iceland

I am not a romance movie watcher, but that one got me curious because I am obsessed with Iceland. I didn’t know what to expect or if it would be the cheesiest movie I’d watch. I was pleasantly surprised at how a non-complicated and happy movie can make me feel. It had me smile a few times.

*** NO SPOILERS!!! ***

The Official Summary

Seeking inspiration for work, Chloe gathers her college travel group back together for a trip to Iceland. When her ex, a group member, shows up uninvited, sparks fly.

My Overall Summary

The movie is a little less shallow than the controlling idea or pitch of the movie sound.

Chloe is a woman in her early thirties who might love where she works but seeks more than just being a podcast producer. The last interviewee for the show mentions Iceland, and it has her thinking about taking a trip and mentions it to her best friend who’s on board.

When in Iceland with her college friends, one last surprise shows up, and it’s Charlie, a worldwide photographer who happens to also be Chloe’s ex. A whole Icelandic week planned by a tourist guide her friends paid for has Chloe show her controlling and overly organized side when handing the guide ideas for the week.

Seeing Charlie under a new light and with a few years on him does have Chloe melt a little, and the other way around is just as accurate. A week of adventure and new discoveries, reinforcing a friendship that started over a decade ago and a new idea flourishing to bring Chloe to a new level in her life is all it takes, and it all started in Iceland.

Romantic Movies and Me

Okay, let’s be clear, I have nothing against romantic movies, but I am so impossible to please that I often turn them down. Knowing Hallmark had me thinking it would be even more cheesy than any other production company. But a recent experience with a Christmas movie had me click play.

I love Iceland and Vikings—I recently learned I had Icelandic DNA, so a plus! The movie started, and the music calmed me down. Note here that I have chronic anxiety and high levels of panic. The movie had not started yet, and I was already relaxing.

The scenery of the movie was quite enjoyable. For a television movie, I was expecting basic panoramic views and repetitive shots cut in different manners to trick the viewer into thinking it was a different surrounding, but it wasn’t the case.

Most romantic movies have the same recipe, just different characters. Without saying that Love On Iceland is breaking ground, I think choosing a northern location and bringing the people into exploring the country—despite remaining in the capital’s surroundings—helped the movie’s feel considerably.

So, it’s worth giving a shot from a “not so much into romantic movies” girl.

The Location Of An Icy Movie

The story has a modern feel to it. In her early thirties, it has a woman working at a podcast network as a producer wanting more out of life. The college friends seem realistic enough, and the characters aren’t two-dimensional as I expected. They do have some depth and help the plot move along.

It is not a new idea for romantic movies to have a “let’s go on a trip to change your mind” or “help you find yourself again!” There is no originality there except for the location: Iceland. Of all the places in the world, they chose a historical country with a winter wonderland feel.

Yes, the movie takes place right after the holidays, and Hallmark is promoting their Winterfest, so choosing a Scandinavian country was a giveaway. However, Iceland is often forgotten, so happy camper here.

Frozen Iceland With A Warm Heart

Because Chloe is looking for the next best idea for a podcast series to save the channel, she’s on a quest. Now we enter the part where the ex is the one helping to find the idea that will change her life.

I’m all for giving second chances. In this case, the ex is not an a-hole or someone who cheated on Chloe or a bad person. Both were young, with entirely different careers projecting them forward. That is what tore them apart. So, the idea of having him, Charlie, as the love interest is not forced or unrealistic.

The story is about love, like a “happily ever after” kind of love due to Chloe’s work and what she’s after. The subject is well dispersed with all the group of friends’ activities in Iceland. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t annoying at all.

Word to the wise: it will have you want to visit the country!

Lastly, we hear many love stories from different locals, and it is adorable. The chalet where the friends stay has a couple running the place, and they are the kindest people. I know they are characters, but they sold their roles very well.

The Clichés Of The Movie

There are not too many romantic clichés in the movie. I might not be the perfect barometer for the clichés, but I did catch two of them! Then again, I’m not a romance movie expert.

The group visits ice caves with the tour guide, which is quite charming and good-looking. He talks, and suddenly, Charlie isn’t there.

As a photographer, he ventured deeper into the cave than allowed, and Chloe caught up to him. The cliché here is that they look into each other’s eyes, and she slips on the ice, and he catches her.

The other is the famous “He heard something negative from his love interest and instantly thinks it’s about him” cliché and leaves.

So, our friend Charlie here assumes that Chloe’s words are about him and doesn’t stay to find out or even ask her. This is unrealistic as a reaction, and we all know how it will turn out.

Sadly, that one cliché reveals what the climax of the movie will be and its ending. There is no more guessing or “Hmm, I wonder how they’ll tie this up.”

Overall Iceland

I didn’t wish to reveal anything about the Love On Iceland because it’s a sweet treat. It can be watched at any given time since it’s not linked to any holidays. The instrumental is soothing, and the story is easy-going.

Of course, we are talking about a world where everything is so perfect with friends whose schedules coincide with everyone. We do have absolute perfect moments and timing. Chloe has such good karma that she gets to have everything she ever wanted.

But isn’t that why we watch those movies? To make us dream, we could have it too?

With that said, I strongly recommend this Love On Iceland movie to watch and have a good happy time. Easy watch and an excellent idea for the location. It’s a good background movie or feel-better movie.

Side note, Chloe looks like Chloe from the Netflix series Lucifer. I just found it funny.

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