Superhost Is A Shudder Original

It’s no secret that I love horror movies. I enjoy quite a variety of subgenres as well. When Shudder came out, I jumped on it! I haven’t regretted it since and covered a few of their movies. So, what about Superhost?

The Official Superhost Summary

Superhost is a Shudder super original movie! Now, let’s take a look at the controlling idea from Shudder!

Teddy and Claire are travel vloggers who run a channel called SUPERHOST where they travel and share their experiences in and around vacation homes, and until recently, had become successful doing it.

With a dwindling subscriber count, they find the perfect opportunity to create content that people want to see when they meet Rebecca, the host of their most recent trip. Slowly they start to realize that something isn’t right with Rebecca, and as they investigate it further, they unlock a horrifying truth. She doesn’t just want a great review; she wants something far worse.

The IMDb Summary

Teddy and Claire, two travel vloggers and a couple on the verge of getting married, are reviewing a vacation rental villa “owned” by Rebecca. As “Superhost,” Rebecca seems offbeat and acts uninhabited. They focus more on her to stop their follower count from declining further.

One day, Vera, another host who went out of business following a negative review by the couple, arrived at the house to confront Teddy and Claire. Rebecca managed to scare off Vera with disturbing threats of violence. Does Rebecca have a secret agenda? — IMDb

My Overall Review

Superhost is a movie available on the horror streaming service, Shudder. Shudder rarely disappoint when it comes to their content and Shudder Original! What I like most about them is how they are open about all genres of horror. They prove that less is often more.

The movie revolves around a couple who dated each other for a while. The couple worked together on their YouTube channel for just as long. Their job consists of choosing a place to stay, an Airbnb or so, and reviewing it live while at the site they decided to stay.

Shudder Original - Superhost - 2021
Shudder Original – Superhost – 2021

We understand early in the movie that Superhost is losing subscribers and worries the main protagonist, Claire. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Teddy, is secretly planning his engagement to Claire live or, at least, online for their viewers. She often talks about when they had it all, suggesting they’ve been working online for a time.

The wifi and reception are less than desirable when at the log house. The house itself is a dream, but the difficulty of uploading their edited videos and capability to go online interfere with Claire and Teddy’s work. They find out that there are many security cameras in the house. The host herself is also unpredictable and very much afraid to get a bad review.

To make matters worse, a past Superhost stops by and threatens Claire until Rebecca, the host of the log house, shows up and everything from that point on goes downhill. After all, how Rebecca treated her past host wasn’t too kind, so is it back to haunt her or is it karma in the shape of Rebecca?

Superhost and Shudder’s First Impression

I absolutely loved the movie the first time I watched it and watched it again from time to time. The movie has a very nice pace and juggles well between professional vlogger footage and regular cinema camera work.

Shudder Original - Superhost - 2021
Shudder Original – Superhost – 2021

Claire and Teddy and relatively easy to relate to, and it has us engrossed in the story quickly. Even Rebecca, the Superhost at the log house, is still adorable in her own way despite her bumbling behaviour. You know something might be wrong with her, but she might also just be introverted and socially awkward.

The music creates tension every time Rebecca is on screen, giving hints of what might happen. There are many details that, if watched carefully, can provide clues to the final reveal. The actors’ performance is magnificent, and the subject matter is very modern.

Shudder Original - Superhost - 2021
Shudder Original – Superhost – 2021

Overall, my first impression is that it is an excellent light horror movie with a fun story to follow. It is perfectly done, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Now What About The Creator Of Superhost…Fictionally

I carried this for far too long, my hate for Claire. So, the couples who created Superhost are Claire and Teddy. However, the channel matters much more to Claire, and that, to me, is all right. Her way of having her channel back to what is used to is wonky at best.

We learn throughout the movie that she had no problem with “clickbait.” We all know that nobody likes a thumbnail that drives you to click but then watch the video and that thumbnail image is nowhere to be found. Her boyfriend even points it out, and her answer is, “But we got eyeballs.”

Shudder Original - Superhost - 2021
Shudder Original – Superhost – 2021

That leads me to believe that she only wants numbers and doesn’t care about quality.

On top of it all, Claire becomes obsessed with Rebecca and wants to exploit her personality. She wants to have more videos of her, posts them, and talk about them. She wants to expose Rebecca as a “crazy” person with overly awkward social behavior.

Again, to me, that’s a mean girl attitude.

The Past Is Super Fast To Catch Up To You

When Claire and Teddy want to record a video about Rebecca, which is mostly Claire’s idea. Teddy is reluctant to it and points out at the security camera in the room. However, his face clearly shows concern about Claire’s decision to expose Rebecca.

Shudder Original - Superhost - 2021
Shudder Original – Superhost – 2021

When a rock impacts the window on the second floor, the couple runs outside to find out it is Vera, a past Superhost. The couple went to her place and stayed before giving it a horrible review since Vera was now out of business and had sold her property.

By what Vera said, we also understand that it wasn’t the first time Claire and Teddy did such an awful thing to owners. In fact, she mentions that they are poison.

“They are not what they say they are. They will ruin your business!”

Shudder Original, Superhost, Vera

Teddy doesn’t stop Claire, so I won’t defend him, but I won’t hold him fully responsible for the movie’s outcome. On the other hand, Claire is the leader of the operation and seems to feed on exposing any little neat picking thing she can find, and if you happen to be like Rebecca…well, she’ll eat you and spit you out.

Let’s just say I was cheering for Vera and Rebecca.

The Superhost Becomes The Supermost

Rebecca always arrives at the perfect time to take care of a situation. She took care of Vera, not knowing who she was and defended Claire and Teddy. After all, she was anxious about getting a bad review.

Showing some backbone and scaring the lady away, Rebecca then agrees to do the interview for the couple and their channel. We see a different attitude from Rebecca, one that has Claire salivating and one that had Teddy show compassion.

Shudder Original - Superhost - 2021
Shudder Original – Superhost – 2021

However, not too long after some other strange occurrences, the couple decides to leave ahead of time. Rebecca is in the middle of the road as if waiting for them and lure them into the woods. Teddy doesn’t want to follow or get out of the care, but Claire wants her footage of Rebecca thinking she was harmless.

What awaits them is a prank flawlessly performed and showing that owners can bite back. Rebecca has way more where that came from, and believe me, you’ll cheer for her success! The client isn’t always right and karma isn’t always a bitch, she can also be socially awkward…

My Last Thoughts Are Super!

Gracie Gillman‘s performance is beyond expectations, and she carries the entire movie to another level. Superhost is already quite good, but she brings it higher than expected. She creates an environment that is sublime for the movie.

I still watch it to this day as it is a light movie but a good one. There is no gore for most of the movie, nothing until the climax. Superhost is about building the characters and what is going on in and around the rented house.

I absolutely love Superhost and highly recommend it! I give it a solid 4/5 stars.

The OCD Android,
Lexie Wayne

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