Cougar Talk With Kimberly Coralie Lyon

Today, Friday, April 29th, 2022, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time I will be live on Cougar Talk’s YouTube Channel. So, tune in for a great discussion!

It’s Been A While

Cougar Talk with Kimberly Coralie Lyon, aka me under my new amazing name that I love so much! But just in case you forgot, I’m on Cougar Talk Podcast YouTube Channel today, Friday, April 29th, 2022, at 9:00 PM, Eastern Time. Please, please, please, come and see me!

A few years ago, back when I was using Alexa Wayne, A.D. Wayne or Arielle Belle Lyon, a while ago! I was invited to a few podcasts, such as Zombiepalooza Radio Live and Deadman’s Tome — Horror Talk Radio, Author Talk, etc.

This was the last time I was on air! Jackie Chin was kind enough to be the very first person in the horror entertainment field to give me a chance and help me. I’ll forever be grateful.

I was invited as an author, vampirologist, demonologist, or cryptozoologist. But the very first time was because of my art and my creation, Gothic Bite Magazine.

I am the creator and Artistic Director of Gothic Bite Magazine for those who don’t know. GBM is a place for everyone looking for a home to feel welcome. We are a platform for the indie community in all the fields of art without rejection, as we are for a mature audience. We are a daily webzine and annual print. We are you, monsters writing for monsters.


But it’s been a while since I did an interview live. Although I am looking forward to it, I wonder if I’ll approach it with the same excitement I used to have.

A Cougar Talk With A Vampire Bat

People who know me know that I’m the OCD Vampire.

“I am the wind blowing through your hair. I am the twisted thought growing in your head. I am the OCD Vampire, and horror is my fairy tale!”

Kimberly Coralie Lyon

The art I made that attracted much attention was of me as Mavis Dracula from Hotel Transylvania. It caught on so that I became one of the licensed artists for the cartoon series.

Kimber Mavis Dracula by Kimberly Coralie Lyon

I’m a cutie vampire! I would draw myself in various stressful or anxious contexts. I was then asked if I sold my creations on RedBubble, which had me add TeePublic, and so on.

Oh, and I’m the one who started calling bats my Sky Puppies! Since I have a family living close to my house. I live in the sticks! Haha!

Kimber by Kimberly Coralie Lyon

Now, I wonder how Cougars will approach the little Vampire Bat that I am! My cover artist, Dazed Designs, lives in Australia. I think she can send her bats for help if chased for a late snack! I guess it’s okay.

Gothic And Romance Talk

I’m a primary gothic artist at heart. My stories and illustrations show my love for the darker side of emotions. I draw myself in the most panic-able scenarios for goblin’s sake, haha!

I love depicting pain, suffering, torment, and sacrifice. You don’t know what a person can do until you see them bleeding on the floor, crying and rebuilding themselves.

Vampire Scream by Kimberly Coralie Lyon

Gothic is all about how we rise from our ashes. Look at the gothic architecture, the cathedrals built to reach the sky! It’s not about darkness and sadness. It’s about what goes on while we go through it.

Yes, we might be a little macabre, I know I am, but it’s the beauty of the circle of life. I hope to tackle some of those subjects with those Cougars!

A Horror Fan Surrounded By Cougars

I do consider myself a horror movie expert enthusiast, not bulletproof. Emphasize the “enthusiast” part! I’ve been watching horror movies since I was about 11 years old. I watch all the horror subgenres, from slasher flicks to found footage to torture porn and French extremist.

Night Of The Demons 1988
Night Of The Demons 1988

Horror is a genre that I appreciate because of two reasons, it is vast and can be comedic just as much as it can be philosophic. My other reason is the fandom of horror.

I do not take this beautiful community for granted because I know it is rare to find this warmth in fandoms and communities nowadays. People are welcoming and helpful, and kind.

Talking horror would be fun because I believe my novels are a mash-up of horror, gothic, and romance. A little strange, isn’t it?

A New Face After Some Time Away Talk

I am who I am, and I don’t think a pink sweater and lipstick, nice hair with a pink ribbon and a smile is honest. I’m not Barbie, I’m the OCD Vampire, and I’m here to find the spark in your eye. I want to make people feel alive because I’m undead!

At first, I thought about doll-up, but that isn’t who I am. I wanted to write clean and romantic, but why? To appeal to more people when the horror community is so vast? I just need to be back in the game! I need to spread my bat wings (technically not wings, those are the bats’ hands) and bite life in the neck!

I need to be me and draw more of myself panicking and revamp the vampire in me; see what I did there? And well, the Cougar Talk Podcast live will help me do that!

Come Listen To The Live Podcast!

So, do not forget to tune in today, Friday, April 29th, 2022, at 9:00 Eastern Time on the Cougar Talk YouTube Channel to listen to an hour of, yours truly, talking with fantastic Cougars!

They will ask if I’m a Cougar or a Panther. We both know I’m a bat! * wink, wink. *

Mérida Lyon

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