THE Horror Stories of WINTER DUBROC

The many collections Lexina Wayne writes about revolve around one genre, Gothic, but this genre has a few subgenres to its name. While Liberty Series revolves around what can hide in space with the possibility of using science back and forth in time. Other series like the Lord Impaler Series and Vampire Island revolve around the possibilities of species coexisting with humans, species from folklore and legends such as vampires, rougarous, Skins, Stitches, witches of all kinds, swampers, lycanthropes, and mummies.


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Gothic is the word that I most love for what it represents in cultural modern society but also what it hides in history. Gothic is now a genre in every aspect of life, from music to art, books, fashion, and decoration. It has a morbid connotation for most people, while it hides a romantic beauty for those who know what it truly stands for: the Dark Ages…

Lexina Wayne writes about gothic stories and uses the term to define her writing and every aspect of her life that makes her strange and unusual for most people. She writes about gothic stories and lives the life of a mediaeval nerd, too. That is why she is the creator of Gothic Bite Magazine.
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