Lexina Wayne

“They compromised your soul. You use yourself as a vessel for each demon you trap and send back to Hell. Each of us stains your soul, and when there is no light left, you’ll become a demon yourself. Your soul is in ruins. That is when the holy war within you will begin.” He ended, “It was a trap, and you walked right into it…and you knew it.” — ©The Satan Series, Possession

ABOUT Lexina Wayne

Lexina Wayne

Lexina Wayne grew up in the publishing world and went to acting/art school. She grew up in a small northern French town in Québec, Canada. Determined to make it into the big leagues, she learned English independently and had Stephen King, Oliver Bowden, and Bernard Cornwell as her literary teachers in the art of writing.

Odd to most people, her whole life, Lexina became a bookworm and developed an antisocial anxiety disorder. She fought many stereotypes and misconceptions from the outside world her entire life. Lexina Wayne preferred daydreaming to any other activity. At a young age, Lexina proved to be ahead of other classmates and was even tested for her IQ allowing her to pursue her studies in a special school. However, avoiding other people was still what Lexina Wayne did the most.

Years later, despite Wayne’s clinical introverted personality, she made one of her dreams come true. She built a gothic magazine that would become a platform for the indie community. She named it Gothic Bite Magazine.

Following the launch of her webzine, Lexina Wayne published her very first novel, Mrs. Blackwood under her real name, Lexina Wayne. It proved to Lexina that it was possible to make one dream come true. Her passion for either what lurks in the dark or the fairy tales was no obstacle for Wayne, who wrote the Lord Impaler Series. Her studies also came in handy for her more logical approach when it comes to either subject.

What had Lexina gotten through social events she despised as a misanthrope and a socially awkward personality was drawing. Lexina Wayne became a great fan of DC Comics’ Batman and Flash at a young age. She even pursued some of her studies in art at an online school and was even in fourth place for DC Comics’ Art Workshop in 2017.

But Lexina Wayne will never forget who gave her the first shot at writing professionally, the CEO and her first editor, Tara M. Clapper of The Geek Initiative.


  • Viking History | Celt History | Mediaeval History.
  • Cryptozoology | Vampirology | Demonology.
  • Wicca | Runes | Oracle | Tarot | Fairy Magic.
  • Horror Writing | Fantasy Writing | Mystery Writing | Sci-Fi Writing | Romance Writing.
  • Creative Writing | Novel Writing | Script Writing | Comic Book Writing | Proofreading | Editing | Blogging.
  • Digital Painting | Digital Portrait | Concept Art | Inking & Rendering | Sequential Art.
  • Graphic Design | Web Design | Illustrator.
  • French | English | Romanian.

Winter Dubroc


There is a difference between wanting to be the centre of attention and wanting to perform.

For since I can remember, I have wanted to perform. I wanted to know the art. I would reenact what I would watch on television. I would sing what I heard and recite my favourite books.

But I was different and odd to many people. I liked to perform but not people. There was a side of me that grew in the dark and admired the night sky, wondering what was out there. Stories would take form in my head, and I would write them all down.

There are two “me” I know, the gothic girl hoping there is more to this world than just humans and the nerdy one who believes in the ancient world where folklores were born.

This website is all about my research and my books, my life as an artist and author. I hope you all enjoy what I have to share and my stories too!


Winter DuBroc’s
Favourite Lyrics
That Kept Her Going!

“As above, so below. What you reap is what you sow. What you give comes back threefold. As above, so below”

As Above So Below, In This Moment, Mother

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