Vampirology, as the term suggests, is the study of vampires. It encompasses its worldwide millennia origins, its place throughout history, influence and appearance in entertainment. It also expresses the larger-than-life presence in society and how people perceive vampirism, and vampires, among other sanguine subjects. Why does Winter DuBroc have a page on Vampirology on her website? Well, because she is a professional vampirologist herself!

My Story as a Vampirologist

My passion for vampires goes back to when I was only a child. My fascination revolved around what lurked in the darkness. I was always more active from dusk until dawn than in bright sunlight. With that said, the word ‘vampire’ became normal around me at an early age.

I studied vampirology on my own unaware that the study of vampires was an actual subject of study. I read as much as I could on the subject: from its origin to its influence and place in society.

Through my studies before taking my official study with Centre of Excellence, I also learned about cryptozoology, witchery, parapsychology, and demonology.

When I became a vampirologist, I also became a specialist of the matter with fellow authors and also the horror industry. I appear in podcasts such as: Zombiepalooza, Deadman Tome, Cougar Talk, and more.

“You are a fountain of knowledge about vampires!”

Cougar Talk Podcast

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